We offer the largest selection of specialized trailers for the cinema industry in Quebec.

With a fleet of more than 80 specialized trailers, the Star Suites Group increases and improves its units every year. It is essential for us to always innovate and offer the highest quality standards in our industry. Star Suites Group has made its reputation by offering outstanding services to its customers and by its ability to provide equipment adapted to each production. The greatest comedians have been here.


Our transport team makes the necessary travels for each production, the functional installation of the units and the coordination of the base camp according to the specifications specific to each production, with discretion. We are particularly known for our excellent travel efficiency.


We offer a daily housekeeping service in all our trailers, regardless of the location, and this 24/7. This special touch is a clear advantage for our customers who, after long days, find their equipment in a state of sparkling cleanliness.


We offer a “worry-free” service to the customer. Our specialized operators, with technical knowledge of all equipment, ensure that all Star Suites equipment is operating properly on the sets.


We service and maintain each trailer on a periodic and preventive basis to ensure the least possible inconvenience to our customers. In addition, in the event of a break, we have qualified technicians on duty 24/7 to ensure that there is no interruption of service for our client. This service is recognized and appreciated by our clients who rely on us.

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Custom made trailers

Our units are equipped to withstand the harsh Quebec climate and can be used year-round, even at temperatures up to – 40°C. Our trailers are heated and air-conditioned. Since we own our own repair shop, we are happy to discuss with you according to your specific needs and to realize, according to a predetermined budget, units adjusted to the specific needs of your «Stars». In order to fully meet your needs, we can work from your plans or advise you based on our experience.