About us

Star Suites is the largest film trailer rental company in Quebec.

For more than 25 years, we have been involved in feature films and TV series, offering a wide range of trailer rentals for small to very large film sets. Counting on a fleet of more than 200 units (dressing room, costume, makeup/hair, office and sanitary). We are well equipped to serve you with an efficient transport team, an experienced and resourceful maintenance and housekeeping team, customer service-oriented operators. Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled service according to your specific needs. Our expertise as an expert in this field remains unmatched.

Patrick Léveillé President,
Christian Houle Operations Manager,
Louise Terroux Controller,
Véronik Fournier Sales manager,
Michel Aubin Transportation Coordinator,
Benoît Richer Customer Service Technician,

Our story

In 1993, Marcel Paré came up with the idea to provide a motor vehicle on the set of «Brainscan» with Frank Langella and Eddy Furlong. Knowing people involved in the motorbike industry, Marcel made an agreement with Rodrique Ross, a motorbike dealer in order to provide him with the requested vehicles. From the first few hours he was on the movie set « Brainscan », he immediately realized that the movie industry had little service and inadequate units as well as people with no experience in the recreational vehicle. He discovered he had a great opportunity and decided to create his own company. Not too long after, the company Winnie Marcel was born and founded in Boisbriand.

After watching people work for a great amount of time, he noticed a lot of deficiencies. People worked outdoors no matter the weather. They had improvised offices and used small vans and tables set up as desks. They also used old municipal buses acting as home-made production vehicles for costumes and make-up.When Mr. Paré appeared before the client, he was more of a visionary than a manufacturer. He decided to close the Winnie Marcel factory and devoted himself to the marketing of Star Suites and he developed the recreational vehicle market (2004-2006) and made the rental possible in Quebec through the European market, particularly with the French. It was then a new step and a sure success. However, Mr. Paré soon realized that the recreational vehicle rental industry is very overwhelming. He absolutely needed another team on the ground and more administrative staff. His goal was to bring recreational vehicles into the film market, making it easier for them to work, which he would do later on successfully.

Always hot with new ideas, Mr. Paré looked for other ideas to fill the gaps of film shootings. He decided to go towards a new approach and created Toilette-Mobile Star Suites, bathrooms for events and construction sites. He felt that his new idea went well with the cinema industry and the proper success of an event. This project was getting better and better over the years and it ensured the future of the company.

The future of the company


We are the largest and most specialized trailer rental company in Quebec. We owe our leader position to our loyal customers from several years.

After more than 23 years of developing and reinventing his company, Mr Paré decided to sell it, not for lack of interest, but with the aim of looking towards the future and enjoying a well-deserved retirement. It is one of his acquaintances who introduces him to his buyer and quickly fell in love with the company and the industry, Patrick Léveillé, a dynamic business banker, becomes owner in August 2016. Mr. Léveillé immediately took on the market and comments of several industry stakeholders and worked to expand the fleet of specialized rental trailers to always better serve the clientele developed over the years by its founder while renovating several aging units and acquiring new ones. With a total fleet of approximately 175 units (mobile toilets and cinema), the company is well equipped to serve the needs of all sizes. With an efficient and experienced transportation team, an experienced and dedicated maintenance and maintenance team, as well as resourceful, service-oriented operators, Star Suites has no goal but to provide legendary customer service.

We were part of the largest

cinematographic productions in Canada.

Over the years, Star Suites has participated in several feature films and television series from small to very large.   Whether in studio or rental, our teams travelled the roads of Quebec and travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres to ensure that the producers and their teams who carry out these projects are treated with care and that they have access to the best equipment available on the market and adapted to their needs.   We made productions with as little as a combo trailer or others with more than forty units on the same base camp.   Our know-how remains unmatched.
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